This is a collection that is designed to take all the stress out of styling your home and transform it into one that feels like you're on a holiday!!

The reason I created this collection ( I actually came up with the concept about a year ago ) was because people often neglect their bedrooms! Why? Because it's the last place that people see when they entertain and it's always the most forgotten about space in the home!

In actual fact, it should be the first, because people are needing to recharge in their bedrooms more than ever! The average person is working about 48 weeks of the year and spends about 9 hours out of the 24 in their bedroom recharging. 

Recharging in a room that is clinical or chaotic actually subconsciously affects the mind, so if your room is busy - well guess what your day is going to feel like...? BUSY! If your bedroom is clinical and empty, then your behaviour can actually be more structured and altered, because of the energy your recharging in!

See the thing is - I style mainly from intuition, emotion and energy. Some would call me a holistic stylist, that creates wellness in the home. I watch the way people behave in a space and and I know that human behaviour can change, when their environment that they are spending the most amount of time in, is calmer or feels like they are on a holiday!

You know that big deep breath that you let out when it's you arrive at your holiday destination.. imagine if that was in your bedroom every night?

Ok so you can see I am super passionate about this!!! I totally understand that there are some problems, that I now have a solution for. People not knowing HOW to style their space, WHERE to buy pieces for their home to make it feel like a holiday, how much it's going to COST and will I get sick of it? - that's my clients famous words! 

So this is why I've curated affordable packages that are designed to be mixed and matched, so if you want to change up your bedroom, you can purchase a new package! Simply change the cushion covers, throw and wall charm - how easy is that!!! They are all handmade in Indonesia, so pieces are going to have character and slight imperfections, but that's why I love it so much! The character creates that relaxed luxury look.

Well that's it from me for today! I guess you could say I'm back in the blogging brigade! I always get this sudden passion to start blogging and then 3 blog posts later, I totally forget about it!!! Not anymore, I've set reminders in my phone to do them weekly, with styling tips and BOHOLUXE DROOLWORTHY SPACES!

I am currently based in Bali, so yep I'm amongst some of the most beautiful Boholuxe spaces in the world!

What do you love about my new collection and what are some of your most favourite places to travel?

Leave a comment below, I'd love to have a chat with you!!!

C x


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  • Simon Wu

    Well done, Crystal! Simply amazing!!!

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