It's 2022, which means it's a fresh new year to create your dream home!

Whether it's a complete renovation, a fresh coat of paint or styling pieces to finish it off, I believe that everyone deserves to have their dream home, regardless of their style and budget.

You can actually achieve the 'feeling' of your own dream home, just by adding some cushions to your sofa, a new rug to ground your floors and a large scale Framed Print. Finish it off with some ambient lighting and you've got a dream space that looks and feels like a holiday!

You don't have to wait until you've got the big bucks to create your dream home, it starts right now with a few simple styling pieces that you'll love for years to come!!!

I'm all about buying once and buying better in the new year, so don't too caught up in Design Trends and invest into quality pieces that handmade and unique.

I am on a mission this year to help you create your dream home, so stay tuned for more of my top styling tips and pieces that are designed to give your dream home the 'feeling' of being on a holiday. Pieces that are holistic and created with your well being in mind!

C x

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