I'm building a home in the bush!!!


Yes It's been a little while since I've been on here, in fact I've been offline for about a month now and I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time - a social media detox!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love social media and it's been a MASSIVE reason how I've been able to grow my business online since it first began.

There were just a number of reasons, why I needed a break from it!

It's easy to always feel like you have be 'on' with social media and I just wasn't ready to show up online during a transition, where I moved back to my hometown of Tamworth after living in Sydney for the past 14 years and if anyone's moved towns before, you'd know the emotional and physical toll it can take on you.

I also started to find that I was getting overwhelmed when I looked at social media and because I love it so much, I wanted to see it as a fun place to create, not be overwhelmed by.

So by taking the month off to detox every area of my life, it actually recharged my mind, body, spirit and changed my life!!!!

And yep, I made the decision to move back to my hometown of Tamworth to be with my family, bring beautiful design to the bush and to mentor creatives in our region to start their own creative businesses and brands. 

I've grown up in Tamworth since I was 6 years old, playing country music in a band with my family called The Baileys for a decade, but then when it came to pursuing my design career, I never felt like I could in the country, so I moved to Sydney in my early 20's to study Interior Design and pursue my creative purpose.

During that decade of living in Sydney I'd gained so much experience it was actually crazy, from Styling editorials for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Designing for TV Show The Living Room, Starting a wholesale business and opening Boutique Stores in Sydney, Byron bay and Los Angeles and worked as a freelance designer around Australia for Influential women such as Lorna Jane (Lorna Jane Active), Jane Lu (Showpo) and Lisa Messenger (Collective Hub). 

But after this amazing decade of designing styling all around Australia, my heart was always drawn back to the bush to open a Design Studio and home to help creatives build their business and brands, so they can stay in the bush and not have to leave town, just like I did all those years ago!

So I made the HUGE decision to move back to the country and leave the city for good.

But before I decided to move back this happened..

I found this beautiful space in the heart of Tamworth, one morning on my way back to Sydney. I immediately fell in love with it and found out it was available!

I had no idea 'HOW' it was all going to happen - the 'how' has never been my strength, but my belief always is and that's the secret to manifestation my friends!

So yeh this is the official beginning of this journey, It's all happening!!!

Crystal Bailey Home is opening its doors to the public this Spring, showcasing my very own designs, the very best in handcrafted Furniture & Decor, especially from local makers in regional towns!

There will also be Workshops, Events and Exhibitions happening to help creative makers in regional towns, establish their businesses online. 

Until then, it will be my Design Studio, where I'll be working on Interior Design & Styling projects locally and globally. 

I'm so excited to show you this baby of mine, it's going to be incredible!!!

If you'd LOVE to be part of it, email me info@crystalbaileyandco.com

Chat soon!

C x

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