Life in Bali!

Well if this wasn't the most unplanned adventure I've ever had - I don't know what is!!!

See... the whole Bali trip was definitely not on the cards for me whatsoever, until last October 2019, when I was offered a free scholarship to an event (like the week before) It was School holidays and I had both of my boys in my apartment, so it couldn't have been at more challenging time to decide to leave them with my family and head over to Bali for this event!

So I did. I chose to invest into myself and my future and fly over to learn from the very best in digital marketing!

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When I hopped on the plane a week later from my decision, I was excited and slightly nervous for a strange reason. But then when the plane landed - it was like I had this awakening, that I could see better, hear better, feel stronger and those feelings were pulling me to move to Bali. Now that I've been sharing this story with so many that live here too, they have all had similar experiences of not planning to move here - but they felt called to live in this place.

So.... ok WOW! Like what the heck was I going to do?

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I had my dream apartment by the sea in Sydney that I would have to give up, I would have to choose to be a little further away from my boys - even though I still see them the same, I would have to leave all of my friends and family in Australia and make new friends. And... I would really have to push my business to the next level, to be able to sustain myself over in another country full time unplanned.

All of these things were stirring inside of me the whole weekend in Bali, but I saw how incredible the design was, how inspiring being around people making my favourite items were, how beautiful the lifestyle was and how free I felt. That feeling of true freedom is absolutely priceless.

So I went back to Australia, knowing what I had to give up in order to have what I truly wanted. New dreams, new desires and new goals!

I started searching for a place to live, I went onto a few facebook groups, a good one is Canguu community housing and did some research. I saw that you couldn't buy a place easily, so theres a thing called leasehold where you can take the property for as long as you like.

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I found a run down 3 bedroom Villa and I swear everyone thought I had heatstroke, because I took the place just form the photos (which I found out later were photoshopped) So pretty big learning curve when I arrived back in Bali to sign the contract and saw a super ugly villa - SURPRISE! 

So I cried and slept on my clothes the first night, because even the sheets were bad and then the next day searched for people to help renovate it. Found some super dodgy guys who ripped me off ( I was an easy optimistic target, let's be honest here) But once I clued on, it was all over red rover!

Then found the good guys. Realised also for what I was doing, it was better to hire guys per day than per job. Per job is generally more expensive, where as if you pay per day, it's much easier to control the process and plan.

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Anyway 8 weeks later and 410 tins of the only white paint in Bali (one shade of one type of paint) it was finished! What a learning curve of patience, translating with google translate, working out the millions in IRD, 5 smoke breaks a day and a whole lot of laughs, it was an EXPERIENCE. Let's put it down to that! The results are amazing though and it's my dream space to feel like home in.

Crystal Bailey | The Boholuxe Home

I also made time to work with artisans and makers and curate the most amazing collection and launch THE BOHOLUXE HOME, which is designed to transform your home into a holiday! Everything can be mixed and matched, but you can go ALL OUT and give your bedroom a makeover with one of the AMAZING packages.

Ok. what a novel... Was meant to be short, but I got passionate and super pumped!

This whole transition to Bali has tested every inch of me in every way.

It's amplified the absolute heck out of the fear of being alone, my own limiting beliefs and its pushed me outside of my comfort zone 100%, so if your feeling the same - well your not alone! 

I am so grateful though that I did push myself, we only regret the things we didn't do and learn from the challenges that shape our journey. There's no such thing as failure - coming in hot from a girl who walked away from a company she created and rebuilt her life in just 12 months!

Love you guys, your support is AMAZING and always so appreciated!

Crystal x


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