I am officially glamping!!!

I DID IT!!! 
Here I am glamping on my parents farm with my kids, during this crazy time!
I chose to connect with nature and my family in the country and tick off a bucketlist dream of mine to go glamping, and live somewhere unique, creating my own magical world from scratch.

I could have moved into a house, but I thought it would be fun to give my kids an experience they haven't had before, while still being close to my parents place!


I'm also OBSESSED with tiny houses and the tiny house movement - maybe it's time to start a village of bell tents in the bush!!! #mymindisalwayscreating

But honestly I also wanted to inspire people that it's not about all the things that you have or what you do, it's about who you are and how you feel!

Who are you without all the things???

It's a question I had to ask myself a few weeks ago, when I felt called to sell all of my designer furniture pieces in my cliffside apartment and let go of my villa in Bali.

It wasn't because I had to, it was something that I needed to let go of, in order to make way for the next chapter of my story!

And here's the beginning of the new chapter of my story with my babies back in the country!

I'm absolutely loving being back with them both, connecting with nature, feeling grounded and making memories!!!

My beautiful little boys go to sleep, saying it's the best night of their lives every night camping in the magic tent!

So if you're hanging onto things that are weighing you down, its time to let go of the old, as hard as it may seem, put the past behind you and focus your energy on creating the new!

Its time to create the new chapter of your story!!!


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