When I left the hills of Tamworth fourteen years ago, for the beautiful shores of Sydney, I never could have imagined I would return to the country town of my childhood to carve out a new path in interiors with my very own design studio and store! Tamworth has changed so much in the years since I left and, thanks to technology, I am discovering a side to country life that was not even possible when I left. I have also discovered a greater sense of purpose and peace. I used to believe peace meant boredom but I have discovered you can live so much more powerfully when you’re at peace with yourself.  

Growing up, my friends and I could not wait to leave the country to head to the city; no-one believed you could be successful in the country. I have lived overseas and in major cities for the past fourteen years and I thought moving home might stall my career, but I’ve discovered a beautiful, peaceful way of life. I’ve made friends with people who have built amazing online based businesses, they live in incredible homes and enjoy a lifestyle I could only dream of experiencing in Sydney.

Tamworth is no longer just the country music capital but fast becoming the creative capital! Many of my friends are returning home from the city seeking the peaceful lifestyle we knew as children but no longer at the expense of their careers and social lives. There are so many young business owners and people passionate about investing back into the town; the city is blossoming and opportunity is everywhere!

My favourite thing about Tamworth is the community support and genuine interest and care for one another. Even if people don’t have time, they make time for one another and the generosity and kindness I have experienced has been completely humbling.

And now I have created my dream space in the heart of my hometown! I have family, friends and a creative playground. I am still designing homes and spaces all over Australia, I’m sharing my platform with locals and showing off this beautiful region full of talented artists and creatives! And my absolute favourite thing is that I am getting to help women who may have lost their way, abandoned their dreams or just not discovered the power of digital tools that can help them reach their dreams too! I will soon launch workshops designed to educate, equip and empower women to not only style their homes but also find their voices and passions!

If you are from Sydney and visiting Tamworth, please come and say hello! I would love to chat and share my latest venture with you! Sydney will always have a piece of my heart but Tamworth will always be my home.  


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